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Mold Removal in San Gabriel Valley

Mold Removal San Gabriel ValleyAt 911 Restoration of San Gabriel Valley, we treat mold infestation as an emergency. This is because mold lowers the visual appeal of the property and is also health-damaging. Mold exposure can put you and your family at risk for health conditions like asthma, respiratory issues, coughing, wheezing, and skin allergies. Some types of mold infestation can also lead to bronchitis and neurotoxicity. So, before it becomes life-threatening, contact our specialized team for professional mold removal in San Gabriel Valley.

911 Restoration of San Gabriel Valley is an experienced, licensed, and locally-operated company expert in mold remediation service. Our team ensures the safe and complete removal of mold from your property. Our goal is to provide you with a healthy and safe indoor environment as quickly as possible. Whether you need mold remediation in San Gabriel Valley schools and commercial buildings or your home, we can help. We are just a call away. Our experts come well-geared and are equipped and trained to handle mold infestation responsibly. We leverage our IICRC training and expertise to deliver you the best in service. Contact us today, and our team will arrive at your premises within or less than 45 minutes. We are your trusted team when it comes to mold removal near me.

How Mold Damages Your Property and Belongings?

Mold infestation can cause severe damage to your property. As it grows in damp and dark places, mold can eat away practically everything in your home before you even know it. If left unaddressed, mold can damage your property in numerous ways, including:

  • Damaged window frames
  • Caved in floorboards
  • HVAC contamination
  • Collapsed Ceilings

From eating away tiles, drywall, and wood, mold growth can wreck-havoc, costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars in repair and restoration work. Needless to say, most of these things are a pivotal part of the structure of your property which means it can cause easily lower the structural integrity of your home and put your safety at risk. Therefore, it is crucial to act fast if you can see black spots on your ceiling or walls or if there is a musty smell inside your home. These are surefire signs of mold growth.

Mold Inspection in San Gabriel Valley

911 Restoration of San Gabriel Valley offers a full range of commercial property restoration services. It includes water damage restoration, mold testing, and removal, sewage backup clean up, fire restoration, and other disaster recovery services. 

When it comes to mold in commercial buildings, our IICRC-certified staff leave nothing to chance. They carefully understand the situation before creating a detailed plan to remove the threat and other issues that may arise. Mold removal can get quite tricky if you are not careful enough. This is why you should leave it to trained professionals. There are many health issues that you need to keep in. there is also a chance that you may spread the mold spores while trying to get rid of a small patch. 

Here is how we do it:


Our mold removal staff thoroughly inspects your property. This includes residential and commercial sites to help you get a better idea of the costs involved and the time it would take. We aim to identify the base source of mold, its type, and the risks it presents to the health of your employees and customers. We also understand the impact it can have on your property in general.  

After this, we discuss the process and time with you. This usually covers a rough time. However, our quote is final. There are no hidden costs, and we stay on budget unless you ask us to change something. We also help with insurance claims. Work begins once both parties agree on the terms and cost of this project. 

Water Removal 

Mold often appears right after a storm, flood, sewage overflow, or any type of leakage. Hence, there’s a chance that your flooded basements, roof leaks, and or seepage problems are giving mold the perfect chance to grow. Our trained experts remove any and all excess water and dry the area before addressing the mold area itself.

Mold Removal 

We remove mold on furniture, carpets, floorboards, and wallpapers. If the material can not be repaired, we throw it away or recycle it, depending on the damage. After that, we use advanced equipment and high-grade tools to remove visible mold from target sites.

Clean Up

The next phase focuses on improving the overall cleanliness of your property. Our main focus is the area with mold and its surroundings. This requires proper clean up treatment with powerful cleaning agents and sanitizers. Subsequently, we use advanced cleaning processes to eliminate any smells left behind in the air. 

Final Restoration 

The final phase involves repairs, replacements, and restoration of the entire structure, especially the affected areas. It can include repairing or replacing drywalls, damaged floorboards, roof panels, and more. Lastly, we will take before and after photos to help you keep a record of insurance claims. We do a follow-up check to test mold levels too. This helps us understand whether or not we have managed to get rid of the threat completely.

Mold Removal Service From Every Corner Of Your Property

Need mold inspection in my area? Call us. Once we arrive, our professionals perform an in-depth property inspection. This is compulsory to determine the spread and the damages to your property because of mold growth. Another reason we perform the inspection is that it helps our techs take the mold sample and send it for lab testing.

It is important to understand that there are more than 200,000 mold types. Some are more toxic and dangerous than others. Therefore, knowing the type of mold infestation helps us use the best mold removal method to get rid of the problem for good. From clean up to mold removal to clean up, we make sure your property is clean and 100% mold-free. 

Give us a chance to help you. Call us for quick mold removal in San Gabriel Valley. Our crew will come to your rescue restoring your property and indoor air quality in the fastest time.

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